07 July 2015


Theale Berkshire

05 July 2015

Two former London Stores - Goodmayes and King Street Hammersmith

With grateful thanks to the Bishopsgate Institute and Stefan Dickers who looks after the London Co-operative Society archives I can show you a picture of a grocery store that isn't there any more (Goodmayes) and King Street Hammersmith Department store, the only freehold site in the Hammersmith shopping centre (according to something I read in Co-op news years ago.)

King Street Hammersmith in its CRS days

01 July 2015


Former Central at Wolverhampton

Nice and central new store

Shrewsbury former central

Shrewsbury Central

Plaque on Shrewsbury Central




Former Oswestry Central

Oswestry nearly Central

Oswestry largish store

Oswestry smaller store

Oswestry Travel

Oswestry Workers co-op

Gobowen and Pant

Thanks to two good co-operators for facilitating these next few posts
Pant in Shropshire

Gobowen in Shropshire