28 May 2008

Hither Green Branch Lewisham

25 May 2008

Colchester Department store

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24 May 2008

Croydon, Colchester and Shenfield

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18 May 2008

A wide choice of travel agents in Chesterfield

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Old Manchester factories Tobacco and printing

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17 May 2008


Department store and home electrical, supermarket (all Midlands Society) and bank branch.

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02 May 2008

Barnard Castle, Billingham and York Bank

Barnard Castle store

Billingham store as it is today

Billingham Store as it was before.
This branch used to be grocery pricefighter supermarket on the ground floor and an electrical department above. Until very recently there was a sign that read "Wheatsheaf" on the canopy over the front at both levels. The staircase between the two shops however was removed many years ago.
York Bank
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